Reflection on Luke 1:38

God prefers to work through people to accomplish His goals.

It allows us to participate in the divine work. Mary’s response to the angel allowed her to be part of the greater work of our salvation.

We have the opportunity to respond to God’s call as well.

That is what led a team of Christians from different denominations, backgrounds and experiences to create Haven of Hope. 
  • Are we perfect? No.
  • Are we making a difference in the lives of others? Yes.

They are as we are.

One big difference is our opportunity to build relationships with the men by treating them as they are. They are just like the rest of us. They are fallen as we are fallen. They are made in the image and likeness of God just like us. 
I watched the other night as a new guest was in significant pain and a crusty old man who has been with us for a while took time to help him get his cot set up and get comfortable.  When he first came, he would not have done that. We treated him as the image and likeness of God and now he can treat others in the same way. 
Help us continue to make a difference and to bring people to see themselves as they are: the image and likeness of God. Once they can do that, they can begin to enter into a relationship with Jesus.
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