Men’s Homeless Shelter Serving Van Wert County

Need a place to stay? We are here to help.

Homelessness in Van Wert County is real.

When we think of homelessness, what do we picture? We often picture tents, cardboard boxes, and shopping carts. We picture these very stereotypical circumstances, even though they are not the only image of homelessness that exists. In a community like ours, homelessness is sleeping in cars, couch surfing, and sheltering in abandoned buildings. These situations may look different to us, but they are no less difficult to those it impacts, and the challenges individuals face with homelessness don’t just stop with housing. Without a safe place to rest your head at night, it is tough to make it to your job the next day, or without a fresh shower in the morning, it is tough to present yourself to others. By giving that place to sleep and that fresh shower, we are helping someone get back up on their feet and therefore, giving them the opportunity to strongly engage in their community. That is our vision and our purpose at Haven of Hope.

Our Purpose

The Haven of Hope Shelter of Van Wert County is a community of Christians who have come together to help displaced men in Van Wert County by providing a place to stay and ongoing guidance to obtain the resources necessary to embrace the next chapter of their lives.